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    Forget those sugary, bottled iced teas you might have tried before. Freshly brewed iced teas made with real ingredients are just so much tastier and better...

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  • how to make a matcha latte

    We'll let you into a little secret - our favorite way to enjoy matcha has to be as a latte. It's the...

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  • what is popcorn tea?

    This might just be one of the most frequently asked questions by those entering the world of green teas – just what is popcorn tea?! Well, the name...

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  • our story

    Nick and Lou started teapigs in 2006 – their mission? To get the nation drinking real tea.

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    Through the teapigs ethical scheme, we give back to the communities that help bring us our tea. We make donations to the Point Foundation in Rwanda through sales of our english breakfast and match online donations.

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    We try to do the right thing and treat our surroundings nicely. Our signature everyday brew is Rainforest Alliance certified.

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